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letter snake puzzle

Sri Toys Europe

Sri Toys traditional wooden toys, wooden educational puzzles, play sets and play furniture are designed to provide hours of play, as well as being highly decorative. These pieces are eye-catching, beautiful and fun.

Children adore playing with the wooden puzzles and play sets. They love the challenge of fitting the pieces together.

They learn about shapes, colours, letters and numbers; they learn hand-eye co-ordination, colour combinations and role play.

small ark set

To create educational puzzles, play sets and play furniture to please small children takes a lot of care. The pieces need to be nice and chunky for small hands to grip easily. They must be pleasing to the touch and be made of real wood, with no sharp edges. The finish on all surfaces must be smooth and glossy and easy to clean. Three layers of good laquer is used and all paint is non-toxic.

Each piece is strong and boldly designed with no weak points, made out of the best quality rubberwood. Small pieces are strong and thick enough to prevent them from being swallowed.

All models are designed for Sri Toys by top European designers.

Many of our products make ideal children's Christmas or birthday presents.

You can purchase securely online or by phone, fax or post.


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